Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Villa Harmony offers you an amazing breakfast to go! Are you ready to invest in your smart & amazing delicious Health Insurance ? We got many request that our dear costumers wanted to start their day already we we created THE possibility call us 30 minutes before you drive by our Gate to stop ....yes it is called ..... VITALITY STOP ....! You will be served in between 3 min. when your second call reaches us exactly 5 minutes before you reach at our gate !) ......... This is in all 2 phone calls and still faster then a drive through as you order way ahead ! Call in time when you get ready :-) 876 484 1165 or 786 5080 or Land line 953 25 93
Now here some description on our offered Power ~ Combos You choose and combine what you feel for ...:-)
affordable for anyone .... Between only $ 3.50 /300 J $ ....up to 7.50 /600 J$
The real thing to drink in the 1) Tuna Cactus Gel in Lemon /or grapefruit juice cup 12 oz $ 2.30 approx. 130 J$ to reactivate the whole digestive process and clean out gentle . Helps to loose weight and feel energized through out the day ! 2) aloe vera fine cut pieces in Grapefruit or lemon juice ... cup 12 oz $ 2.30 approx. 130 J$ to clear your digestive system..perfectly every morning and re boost your immunity! 3) Noni Fruit booster skake cup 12 oz $ 3.20 approx. 250 J$ with fresh extracted Noni puree banana, papaya and pine apples, Goji or fresh Golden Berries , lime and if sweetened then we use Honey for you :-) 4 ) Moringa Power-Green smoothie cup 12 oz $ 3.20 approx. 250 J$ made from daily fresh harvested & blended Moringa leaf, Chlorellas and organic Green tea powder wake up greatly all your 50 million Body cells , Mind and spirit ! 5) all tea's flat rate cup 16 oz $ 1.30 approx. 100 J$ warm green tea warm Peppermint tea Warm lapacho tea Warm digestive tea Enjoy all drinks right away let it work..and approx. 15 min -30 min.... later the perfect Sandwich a powerful start to break your fast ! will energize you until lunch time :-) enjoy your a) weight loss program "Fruit salad " ..of seasonal fruits available combines with fresh cut dried coconut pieces or Cashew nuts cup 12 oz $ 3.20 approx. 250 J$ cup 16 oz $ 4.20 approx. 350 J$ 0 b) Easy ..light and yummy is our toasted Vegetable whole wheat sandwich with lettuce cucumber and lettuce and our amazing sandwich source or Hummus ...and Herbal seasong! $ 3.20 approx. 250 J$ c) Sweet treat ...Toasted whole wheat bread sandwich with Guava Yam and fresh bananas... or our famous naseberry mouse ( when in season) $ 2.80 approx. 200 J$ d) Light Veggy wrap with plenty greens tomato and cucumber and a Veggie Falaffel with hummus sauce and chutney $ 4.60 approx. 390 J$
Or d) (delicious) just take a Moringa Veggie Burger in a whole wheat sandwich wish lettuce & tomatoes it can be also eat as a cold snack very well! $ 4.60 approx. 390 J$ Last but not leased... e) Cinnamon Goji berries pancakes ( set of 3 ) $ 3.20 approx. 250 J$
Call us when you need more information: 876 - 484 1165 or 786 5080 or land-line 953 25 93
or email us to find out about our " 5 days a week sign up special deals " ! Harmony Gardens want you to feel great every day .... now it's up to you ! Enjoy your life with healthy & medicinal delicacies :-)

Montag, 8. November 2010

Delicious & Healthy Gourmet Take-Out/Catering Service !

Are you serious?

About your health ……………as you know already;

“You are .....what you eat! “

How important it is really for you to have a safe source of delicious & actually nutritious meals for your daily needed energy supply?

Is it easy for you to find on daily base guarantied non toxic and fresh prepared Vegetable meals/foods ?

Lucky you.... most people just do not have that possibility and end up often with junk !

Even here in beautiful Jamaica are being used heavy chemicals on our fields and sprayed on your vegetables ...yes I mean ....plenty of unknown dangerous chemicals from Farmers who often can not even read the labels/dosages/instructions!

Did you know ?

We did many random test in the US ( Whole foods ,Farm Fresh , Windixi and Public's )and here in Jamaica on several different super markets and Vegetable places and had a 60 % results of vegetables which was contaminated with some form of toxic substances making the foods uneatable for us!

If you live in Jamaica/ north coast area... you are truly blessed right now!

Because you would have a chance to eat organic/save healthy and really tasty food on a daily base !

Then Harmony Gardens healthy home cooked take out& catering service is the perfect solution!

We also have now more organic Vegetables and fruits available and you have the choice of eating really healthy and scrumptious !
We even offer now the onion/ garlic free meals on our menu!
(we are using scallions,chives and bear paw garlic)

Important : This is a very personal home cooking service for you and only limited portions are available ! We need your order always in advance (3 hours would be perfect..some dishes just need 30 minutes!)

No fear of salt , high blood pressure or cholesterol increase ...our food will naturally drop it!!

Let your food be your delicious medicine

and taste new and incredible tasty recipes prepared with only the best and most nutritious Himalayan crystal salt & Harmony Gardens famous “Herbal All purpose” which contains approx. 12 different medicinal herbs , seeds and spices to inspire your taste buds!

We are the deliciously answer! your question of what do I eat today ? Or which catering Service to call when you really like to suprise your guest with something special... unique and amazing on your buffet!

Our fresh prepared International Vegetarian & health Food delicacies will make you to the most amazing host... people will always remember !

Amazing flavors ... exelent presentations and freshness

are the key to nurture your guest !

Come and enjoy our delicious (Home cooking) healthy & nutrients shakes and sugar and egg free pastries cooked with love & only the best ingredients ...always freshly prepared for you!

Check out what's cooking today to nurture your body mind and spirit!

See what we love to create on our daily menu for you ....

Spicy Beet root Veggie- Burger with Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and our special cocktail/burger sauces & veganese

$ 4.70 -5.30
with veggie cheese available !

Satisfy the bigger appetite!

With our Whole Wheat Sub~Sandwiches with Veggie Burger steak and amazing toppings in satisfaction size

$ 5.30- 6.50

Variety : also available with gourmet pickles & Veggie Gouda cheese)

Moringa me crazy.....

let us suprise you with our newest " Vitamin powerhouse delight "...!

The Harmony Gardens Moringa- Veggie Burger of course in a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato , cucumber , escallion and our delicious burger sauce!
US 5.30-6.00

Also as a jummylicious Cheese burger ( Veggie Gouda cheese) available

Whole Wheat Raw Food Pita Sandwiches filled with Harmony Gardens gourmet pickles, lettuces tomato, red onion & tomatoes
$ 5.30- 6.00

Veggie Wrap for Raw food gourmets with tomatoes lettuce & pickled vegetables
and a layer of our gourmet cocktail blend sauce (with Vegenaise)
$ 5.30 -6.50

Veggie Gourmet Wrap with a delicious mixed of steamed vegetable and veggie burger curry

$ 5.80 -6.50

More then 35 years of amazing healthy cooking experience will definitely

inspire your taste buds and help you to invest only in the best food for your bodies health!

We serve daily delicious & different Bean soup, Stew's at dinner time
Really tasty Vegetable or Bean Soups you can easily get addicted your body can feel the nurturing natural ingredients after a couple days eating this so different energizing food!!

You can order small medium and large portions... just ask for the price of your size !

Dinner Bean stews varieties from Mondays to Thursdays made with :

Green peas
Mung beans
Black Eye peas
or Red peas

To live on an Island it is a must to enjoy at leased ones a week a fresh Sea water catch!

So ...Fridays is Fish day!
Enjoy it marinated in fresh lemon & scotch bonnet sauce , steamed with Okra and spicy sprouts
or fried in coconut or olive oils and spelt flour crust !

Sea Food Dinner de-(light )….would be the fresh catch marinated in fresh lemon & scotch bonnet sauce , steamed with Okra & spicy sprouts o. fried in olive oils &a spelt crust served with Salad or in a white wine sour cream sauce you always dreamed of to make the Potato Roesti melt melt away in it!
$ 11.50 -14.00

Gourmets will enjoy a fresh cut fish fillet wrapped in potato crust (cut like spaghetti's) served in perfect harmony with an amazing tasty steamed cucumber in sour cream sauce & Basmati/wild rice blend!
$ 14.80 - 16.50

Healthy and scrumptious!

are our amazing Fish Burgers
US$ 6.50 -7.00

or Fish fillet- Sub Sandwiches! $ 8.00 - 9.00

Fresh prepared Fish Soup with vegetables between $ 2.50 -5.00 per portion

Take the right time to order ahead .....because our food is prepared with love & harmony in mind!

Specially the order for our Gourmet Fish meal Dinner need to be early enough so we have the needed time to spoil you and your guest properly!

Of course we have on Friday also vegetarian meals available !


Weekend is fun food time !

Saturday is our Italian special !

Gourmet Vegetarian Pineapple Mini Pizza
crunchy whole wheat crust with a real Italian flavored Tomato sauce
heavenly fresh cut Pineapple and veggie cheese available with vegetarian Gouda cheese
medium size / 6 slices
Large size / 8 slices

Gourmet Vegetarian Mini Pizza whole wheat crust with mixed vegetables
(available with vegetarian Gouda cheese

medium size / 6 slices
Large size / 8 slices

Captain Nemo's real Italian Mini Tuna Gourmet Pizza with Tuna fish,red onion and our famous Italy Jam scotch bonnet Pepper sauce
this is a hot tip for Fish lowers... this is extremely good)
medium size / 6 slices
Large size / 8 slices
call us for the price !

Colorful Gardens Salad
with lettuce, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, carrots & parsley

Gourmet Salad
basic as above with roasted pumpkin seeds or cashew or walnuts , olives,
and a delicious home- made natural herbal dressing... which will make you love Salads as of NOW!!!

New Delicacies from Harmony Gardens healthy kitchen
Come and taste , feel the energy your body need !
Healthy & delicious on the go..... !

Delicious can’t get any healthier than that …. …….
Noni Power shake with Apricot kernels and Goji Berries

Amazing refreshing Iced green tea and exotic Herbal tea blends

Moringa Lemonade is a Vitamin C booster first class !
Very refreshing blended with lime ginger and a honey

Just noni and fruits !

ChocoCoco divine Smoothie with Raw organic chocolate
and coconut cream honey & Cinamon

Fruit Smoothie's with
Pineapple,papaya and banana boosted with Goji Berries, Golden berries and Apricot kernels

Healthy Pasties :
delicious Energy fiber cookies , Plantain pancakes and papaya pumpkin pockets make a lovely dessert or snack in between!

Our light and wholesome meals will help you to control your weight so deliciously!
…so no more fear of food …….it just need to be the right one

Just check out what's cooking today ?!

message us
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(876) 484 1165
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or also try 953 25 93
Our team awaits your order !